So if you followed or even read my blog before you can now see that I have deleted all my post.
Please let me explain.

I always wanted to be a fashion blog and post about my #ootd and other fashion advice, but I also wanted to have a lifestyle blog as well, where I can post tutorials, inspirational motivation, and so on. I tried to intertwine the two but it was really really hard. Around April of last year I quit making posts because I didn't know what else to do with with my blog. I was also apart of a blogging community and to be apart of it I had to post very so often and it all became to much for me. I then quit my community and deleted most of my posts in attempt to start over. It took me very long to think of how I wanted to present things on my blog but after months of brainstorming and putting things together I finally have it.

Until I get back in to my routine of blogging I will be posting on random days. When I kind of have my schedule back on track I will most likely post on Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays. Those are really my off days. My first few post will be kind of rough but they will come along slowly.

Thank you guys for giving me another chance on a long journey I can't wait to embark.

Until next time,

   ( Me at my first real photo shoot I was really excited ) 

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