Flouncy Color block ( Old Post )

Rundown // Dress- Ross // Shoes- Unknown // Hair-bow - Rue21

I remember this post. I was on Spring break and I had to put my camera on a ledge and put it on a self timer. This was also the last post I made before taking a break from blogging but I thought it would be appropriate to post since this is a summer dress and it is summer.
Starting off this dress is pretty neat. I like the way the dress is designed because it has a pretty flouncy top and and there is a slit on both sides on the bottom of the dress. I also like the color contrast of the dress. They both compliment each other well. I paired the the dress with some simple black shoes mostly because I could not find my white sandals. I also paired it with a white bow which you might not be able to see but I feel like bows are more 2013-2014 little fad. I don't really see that many peoples wear them anymore but at the moment it fit well with the dress and made it a whole lot girly. 

I really hope you enjoyed this post, my sister sure didn't. I made her stand behind the camera and made sure it did not fall off the backwards but I gave her candy so she was okay with it in the end.
I really want to do a beauty post next so I am going to get started with that and have it up by next week.

Until next time,


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