Hey you guys,
 today I want to show you guys one of my latest hauls. It's more of a collective haul from Forever 21 since I have been going back and forth from that store and I thought you guys might like to see.

The first items that I had got was a pair of joggers. I bought these because joggers have been in lately and even though its summer you can still wear them. I mainly wear them when I don't really want to get dresses, they are the perfect thing to put on.

New I have this dark I want to say purple long sleeve crop top. When I tried it on the shirt kind of did not fit right due to the sleeves but I cut it half way so I could wear it all season long. 

The next thing I have is a plain blue hoodie which I bought because I really don't have a decent jacket and I feel that everyone could use a hoodie. 

Next I bought these really cool tank tops. I really have seen these tank tops over Instagram and other peoples blogs and I thought I would buy some too. They were only $5 a piece so they were really good deal.

The next thing I have is my floral crop top which you guys have seen in my last post. I really like this top because its a dark floral piece and I can dress it up with a skirt or dress it down with high waisted shorts. 

Next I bought just a small kit of makeup brushes which included a powder brush, foundation brush, blush brush, blending brush, and a shadow brush. These are only temporary until I can get a more quality brand of makeup brushes.

I also bought a plain black and white striped shirt. I was focusing more on basic pieces so I thought this would be perfect.

Lastly I bought a plain black shirt dress. I made a mistake and thought it was a shirt until I tried it on when I went home. It turned out to be a really good buy.

Rundown // Everything is from Forever 21

Disclaimer: I wanted to let you guys know that I am not trying to brag about the clothes I got. I wanted to show you guys some of the things I buy and maybe see if we have the same style. This is a collective haul so over time I paid for these items. Usually when I buys things I head strait for the sale racks, I guess you can say I am a bargain hunter. 
So I hope you guys enjoyed. This has been a post that I have been wanting to publish for a while but never got around to. In the future I might do hauls differently because I hanged my clothes on the hanger and hanged those up on my door. I no longer have my door hanger because it fell so I might do a try-on haul next time.
As for my next post I will probably post one of my old pictures because I do need to gain my audience and I have some really old posts that are still current on my blog files. I also have new photos that I have taken and new ideas for other blog posts like beauty and other stuff. So I am very excited to be posting new posts. I fell like I have said that a lot but I am truly am excited to be making more posts and trying out new projects.

Until next time,

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