This happened at the beginning of June but me and the rest of my family went to Orlando, Florida. We wanted to go back to Orlando to look around the city but mainly to go to Disney World, which I will post about a little later. This was my outfit during the beginning of the day as we went to go eat breakfast. 

 Rundown // Shirt- Unknown ( at the moment) // Shorts- Forever 21 // Kimono- Ross // Sunglasses - Paylesss
I really like this outfit because I like the way everything looked once I pulled it together. To start of I have on a cotton turtleneck shirt. Lately I have seen these everywhere and I thought they were really fashionable. I know I got it from a store in the mall but I am not sure where but I will update this once I find out. Next i have on these high wasited shorts from Forever21. Most Forever21 denim items do not fit me but these came out very loose. Even thought they were loose they were very comfortable so I wore them more than once while in Orlando but I washed everything once I wore them. Yeah I know I had no shoes on but I ended up putting on gladiator sandals. Next I have this really pretty floral kimono from Ross. I thought it was a good deal because it was about $10 and when I saw it I grabbed it really quick. Lastly my sunglasses are from Payless which only cost me $5. I was so happy when I bought them.

This is only the beginning half of my day. I want to make another post of what I did later on just so I didn't make this one long.
I was thinking of upgrading my camera because sometimes I don't get the best quality. Blogging really means a lot to me and I want to make post with really good photos but I am only 16. I think once I get older I can maybe afford a better camera and maybe work with a photographer, but for right now baby step.

Until next time,

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