Rundown // Dress- Ross // Button up- Forever 21 // Purse- Michel Kors // Flats- unknown

Hi you guys,

I am glad to be back on my blog. I will be on her more frequently because marching band is about now coming to an end, which is kind of sad but good because now I have more time to focus on my blog.
So theses pictures were actually taken by my friend Giovanna, and this was after school right after school before the last home game for football. I was tearing up but that's another story. So anyway this outfit looked much better but the heel on my boot broke so I had to go to my alternate flats. The boots really made the out but I had to take these pictures today because its getting a little colder and I would not be able to wear this dress for long. The dress I got is from I this from Ross. I absolutely love the sunflower design on it and they are not to big which makes it perfect. I wanted to add some more color so I tied my jean button down around my waist which is from Forever 21. My Purse is from Michel Kors and my shoes are actually unknown.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post. My next one will probably be my Halloween costume since Halloween is in almost three days which I am very excited for.

Until next time,

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