Rundown // Sweater - Amazon // Boyfriend Jeans - Forever21 // Shoes - Converse // Jackets - Unknown //

Hello you guys.

So for this outfit I was looking for a more comfortable look that was both cozy, stylish and warm. So I started off with one of my biggest sweater which I got from Amazon. What I really like about this sweater is that its so well cozy and warm. The sleeves are kind of baggy but it said it was made to be baggy, because literally this is a medium and it fit really big. Next I took my favorite jeans of all time, the boyfriend jeans for a loose fitting look. What I really like about these jeans is well mainly because they are not skinny and I love the distress look to them which is great for dressing up or down. I paired the whole outfit with my white converse because I already have this loose sporty look going on and I wanted to still keep is casual so I paired it with these converse. When I went out it got pretty cold so I just put on my black trench coat to keep me warm.

I hope you like this post. I really feel like this is a different post as supposed to all my  other post where I am dressed up. I will try to do more post like tags and I am working on doing DIY'S as well. I really want to try to do a variety of more things and make it more then a fashion blog.

Until next time,

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