Hello you guys.

So in my last post I posted a more casual way to wear a blanket scarf. In this post I came up with a more dressier outfit. I love this outfit mostly because of my yellow button down shirt. Yellow is an odd color to wear when it comes to clothes so when pairing it with another piece of wardrobe its always safe to use black with gold accessories. When wearing gold jewelry and short kind of comes off in a gold kind of tone as well which I found very chic.

As for the rest of the outfit I am wearing my black jeans from Forever 21 which are surprisingly comfortable. Next I am wear these cut-out booties from Charlotte Russe which I got on sale on black Friday. They are so cute and classy. Them being leather defiantly makes them more expensive looking while being really cheap. That's why its important to think about the quality and the material of an item when buying it. I am also carrying my Michel Kors bag I got for Christmas. Lastly I can't get the most important item which is the blanket scarf which I got from Walmart. I more explained it in my other post which you can check out here:
Blanket Scarves Outfit Inspiration | Casual

So winter is kind of a little annoying. I guess it really depends on your location but where I live it gets cold then hot and then cold again. It's very bipolar. I am so ready for nice spring weather. I still have other winter outfits and maybe some transitioning winter into spring looks.

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