// Dress - Dillards // Jewelry - Icing // Clutch - Icing // Shoes - Local shoe boutique //

Hey you guys,
So yesterday I actually went to my first junior prom, and I have been waiting for this day since forever.

So the experience for me was fantastic. The venue that we went to was called Ventannas in Atlanta, Georgia. I did not get to take that many pictures of the place but let's just say that we were on a rooftop and you could literally see the view of Atlanta. So the whole night it was basically just dancing the night away. I really don't go to that many parties or dances that much since my school does not host that many but prom was the best dance I went to. Plus I went with a group of friends which made it even better even though next year I really might want to go with a date. I just now really can't wait for my senior prom now. The prom was more for the seniors anyway because there were 2016 balloons everywhere and there were a couple of dances that were just for the seniors only. I feel like next year I will have more fun and more things planned as well as far as in pre and post plans. I also this year felt a little rushed as in to get everything done so to really make my senior prom the best ever I am going to start planning in October and make sure I have everything together.

Okay so now on to my outfit details. Okay so first and which is the most important part is my dress. I got my dress for Dilliards. When I tried the dress on I really liked it. I never get a chance to wear dresses like this so I wanted to try something like this. Next year I might try a different type of dress cause next year I want to go for more of a statement, not your typical average prom dress.
Next all of my jewelry and my clutch are from Icing. Now I usually don't wear silver that much but I felt like for a prom it would be a better color to wear. Lastly my shoes are from a local shoe boutique which were super affordable. Overall this prom was really amazing. As far as my outfit I really wanted to dress up more but my mom kind of reminded me that this was only my junior year and that I need to wait until my senior year to wear something more fancy.

Spring break is a week away so I will have more posts coming on the way.

Until next time,

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