Rundown // Blazer - Thrift shop // Top - TJMaxx // Jeans - Khols // Shoes - Converse // Purse - Gucci //

Hi you guys,
so I really felt like it has been a while since I made an outfit post. These pictures were actually taken a while ago but I felt like posting them cause I really love this outfit. To me this outfit looks like a laid back sophistication outfit which I like to do with my outfits. The laid back part is more of my making my outfits a little more conformable to wear. Now on to the outfit details.

Okay so first I am going to start off with my blazer which I actually got from the thrift store for five dollars! SCORE! When I go into some store and look at their blazers sometimes they will be over forty dollars which I think is way to much so I opted to go to the thrift store. Next I am wearing my "Save water, Drink coffee" shirt from TJMaxx. This shirt raised some questions as my friends asked how can we save water when we use water to make coffee. No one will never know. Next I am wearing these jeans from Khols which I distressed myself. Then I am wearing my white converse which are my favorite pair of converse to be honest because they go with everything but they do get dirty quick so I always find myself washing them. Lastly, I am wearing my Gucci bag which I got for Christmas. My favorite thing about this bag is the color which has a nice maroon color to it.

Well That is all for now. I have been doing different experiences like my photo experience and my prom experience but now I want to dabble into doing other posts so that my blog is not all about fashion. I also want to start making some videos so that I can acturally talk to my audience other than typing everything. So we will see what I come up with. The next seven weeks will be tough since I have finals and projects and a bunch of other stuff for school so my posting schedule will be tight but I will try to make new posts as much as I can.

Until next time,

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