Hey you guys,
Today I am talking about The Palmer's Flip Balm. I am currently in the HerCampus High School Ambassador Program and the company Palmer's wanted the ambassadors of this program to test them out and give out free samples to our friends and family.

My first impression/thoughts:
Okay when I first got them they came in a small little package with a little rubber band around it telling us about the instagram contest they were holding which I thought was really cool. Separately they gave me one of each flavor which were coconut, mango, and watermelon. My favorite has to be mango just because I love the smell of it. When I applied it to my lips I loved how smooth and soft they make your lips. Another thing I liked about this was that unlike EOS balms, with the flip balms the lid just flip right open. I like this feature because now I will not lose the lid and worry about random dust and dirt landing on it.
The only thing that I really disliked about it was that if you keep it in your purse especially if you have a bunch of things in your purse then the lid somehow opens by itself. That was my only one concerned because when I went into my purse one day some of my things were covered in the chap stick. So I would suggest not to keep it in your purse but maybe like keep it on your dresser so that you can use it when your at home.
Overall it is a really good product and I gave some of my free samples to my friends and family and I got some really positive reviews back.

I really hope you guys enjoyed my review and think about purchasing the product for yourself.
Finals week is coming up and I have a lot going on within the next three and a half weeks, so I might make a short little series about how to survive finals and a finals outfit guide.

Until next time,

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