RUNDOWN// Jean Shirt - Forever21 // Shirt - TJMaxx // Pants - Macy's // Shoes - Local Shoe Boutique // Necklace - Rue21


Hi you guys,
So this actually happened maybe about two weeks ago where my friends and I went to a park to celebrate on of my friends birthday. It was a great celebration but afterwards we took a hike and this is where we ended up. You may not see it in the pictures but I was sweating at one point but it was kin of chilly outside so I guess I was sweating due to all the walking, that's when you know you are so out of shape.
Now on to the outfit. So first I love matching my jeans to any other jean shirts or jackets I have. My Jean shirt is from Forever21 which matches well with my Jeans From Macy's. SO since both of the jean materials are kind of a light washed color I thought my nice white blouse from TJMaxx would go perfect with this look. Next for jewelry I wore my white necklace to match with the color scheme of my outfit. Lastly I am wearing my black gladiator sandals. As I looked at my outfit that day I realized that these black sandals may have not been the best choices and should have opted for a more lighter or maybe even bolder type of sandal but these sandals worked just as well.

So I am really getting into the summer vibe and now am inspired to do more summer posts. I am working on doing more routines, maybe experiences and am trying to find a DIY to do. I also want to do some collabs with maybe other friends and bloggers just to help expand and grow my blog.
I am also working to get another layout for my blog but it all depends on the time I have to do so, so it may be another week or so before I can get a new layout but it is on my to-do list.
I hope you guys enjoyed.

Until next time,

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