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So one think I really like to watch on YouTube and read about in blogs are other people summer skin and makeup routine. In Summer it is very hot so most people don't put on a lot of makeup and focus more on their skin and I like to do the same. I do not use that many products because it's summer and I am really lazy and don't want to do so much. So I am just going to show you what I use especially when I go out places.

Okay so almost everyday I use the Clean and Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. So after I take a shower I wash my face separately and this is one of the things that I like to use mostly cause when you rub this all over your face the little beads  burst on your face which kind of makes a tingly feeling which kind of wakes you up in the morning.

This is one product that I don't use all the time through out the year but I do more in the Summer. I do marching band which means that we are in the extreme heat all day so sometime my face will start to itch and get irritated and when that happens I will use this Noxzema deep cleansing crème to help clear up any irritation.

After my face is cleared off I like to put on a little bit of mascara so that my eyes are not so bare. Usually by eye makeup would include mascara with eyeliner and eye shadow, primer, concealer and so on but since it's really hot I just like to wear mascara so that it's easier for me to put just that on and off.
Lastly, I do my brows. There's not much to this but just using my eyebrow brush which is the pink one and brush my brows into place. Next I take my eyeliner pencil and fill in my brows so that there are not small holes or gaps in my brows.
Then that's it.
That is all it really is to my skin and makeup routine and there is not much to it. I was actually trying to find more skincare products to use to help clear up my face a little so if you have any please comment down below any suggestions. Also if you would like to see a video of me applying these products to show like the order I put them on and how I put then on just let me know because I was thinking of doing so but was not sure.
I really hope you guys like this post. I am really trying to post more things about summer so I might next have an outfit post and make a summer recipe or summer life hacks because those have been really popular lately.

Until next time,

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