Hi you guys,
This post took a lot to do. Believe it or not we took these pictures right when the sun came up cause it was a bit cooler outside.
So the 4th of July is coming up and to me it is the most popular post among fashion bloggers and beauty vloggers so I thought that I might post a little outfit inspiration. This is my first time ever doing so and a lot of this went wrong like I lost my flag, my hair was not cooperating, and I ended up super busy and could not post this until now. Next year hopefully everything goes better. :)

1st Outfit

 RUNDOWN // Shirt - Marshalls // Shorts - Wlamart // Shoes - Converse // Jacket - WetSeal // Glasses - Dollar store

Here is my first outfit if you want to go more casual. I am not really a huge shorts fan cause my thighs are a little big but over the years especially by having a fashion blog I learned to gain more confidence while wearing shorts and just loving my legs better.
To start off my shirt is from Marshalls. I searched forever to find a shirt like this cause I wanted a shirt that was a darker red color. My shorts are from Walmart. These short actually fit pretty well so I may go back and get some more. I am just wearing my white converse to complete the red white and blue theme. I also have my jean jacket from Wetseal. Lastly, I have these sunglasses which I got from the dollar store because they complete the whole 4th of July theme.

2nd outfit

 RUNDOWN // Top - Macy's // Skirt - Rue21 // Shoes - Converse // Jacket - Forever 21

Hey it's summer and I wanted to be daring. I never wore a skirt with sneakers so I was like why not.
My shirt is from Macy's. It's really cute and bright which brighter colors can help make you stand out. My skirt is from Rue21. Which it looks like a dressy skirt but I used that to make this look more daring. My shoes are from Converse and my top I have around my waist is from Forever21.

3rd  outfit

 RUNDOWN //  Top - Forever21 // Skirt - Ross // Sandals - Local shoe boutique // Headband - Rue21

 If you are filling a little more girly or maybe perhaps you have a date that day then here is a nice look for you. First I have on this white top from Forever21. I really love this top cause of the detail at the top. I do not know what that is called but it is a huge trend now. Also the selves don't cling on to my skin but this would be a better shirt to wear at night. Next I am wearing this skirt from Ross and I literally love this color especially during the winter. I am wearing my sandals from a local shoe boutique. Lastly you may not be able to see it but I am wearing blue headband to complete the red, white, and blue, theme.

I really hoped you enjoyed this post cause I love making new posts for my blog !!
I couldn't get a new layout yet but I am still working on it because I really want a new layout for my blog cause I don't really like the one I have currently.
Also I am going on vacation so be on the look out for a vacation/travel post.

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