Rundown // Shirt - Forever21 // Jacket - Unknown // Pants - Macy's // Sandals - Local Show Boutique // Purse - Michel Kors

Get it. Falling into Leather cause it's the first day of fall and I'm bringing out the leather. I am such a sucker for bad/corny jokes but hey I find them funny. So it's the first day of Fall which means BOOTS, SCARVES, SSWEATHERS, DARKER COLORS, AND COOLER WEATHER. There is so much more things than the ones I listed but those were the ones that came from the top of my mind. I really love fall cause of the cooler weather, I'm not that much of a summer fan so I much prefer the colder weather.

Even though its's now Fall or Autumn, whichever you prefer, temperatures in my town are still in the 90's and 80's so for the next few weeks I am going to be wearing a lot of transitional outfits. If you don't know what the term transitional means its just kind of like wearing some summer pieces with fall pieces. I know that might not be the best way to explain it but take my outfit for example, I am wearing sandals which is more a summer items with my leather jacket. I just simply still find ways to wear summer items as the weather transitions to cooler weather. I am a pro at that and my favorite times of the season are the transitional periods.
Now just a quick rundown of my outfit. I just paired my grey top with my burgundy pants. I added black accessories as far as my leather jacket and purse and then paired everything with my black sandals. Side note: Don't mind my hair in these photos, it was really windy this day but the windblown look great on me doesn't it ? :)

I'm finally have more time to post on my blog, yay, but I still have schoolwork and other school actives to deal with so my posting schedule will be random so just be on the look out for more posts.

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