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I am finally here with my Rocksbox review.
I absolutely wanted to try this out ever since I hear about it. The owner said along the lines that jewelry is really expensive to wear only a few times so with this company they send you three pieces of jewelry for you to wear as long as you like. Once you are done you can send it back and get three new pieces of jewelry. Also if you like something that came in your package you can buy it off their website. Such a great deal !! This company is kind of like ipsy and birchbox so you pay $19 a month, but that much for this designer jewelry is a good deal.

So I will show you guys in the next few pictures of what to expect and will get.


So in these few pictures you see the cute little box that you will receive and I thought it was so cute how they put the bow on the outside. Once you open it you get these note cards, one with your name and inside of that it describes the jewelry you got and other notecards with cute little quotes and pictures.
Next there are the three bags. One bag contains a necklace the other contains a ring and the last one contains earrings. Now here comes the fun part, seeing what pieces of jewelry you got.

So here are the jewelry pieces I got. My favorite has to be the bold statement because I love the spikes on the end and the small little diamond circles on it and just everything about it. Plus it's gold and gold is my favorite jewelry color. Next we have the earring and ring which I love as well cause when it comes to earrings and rings I like it to be a little more simple. I think I wore it about five times and got so many compliments.
Another great thing that I like about this company is that if you don't like the items you got then you can give a mini review on your items and your stylist will find you something more better accustomed to you taste.


All in all I really liked this company and I recommend it to anyone who wants to spice up their jewelry. The jewelry that they offer is so fun to wear especially when they fit you taste in fashion.
You can use my code SAMARABFF23 to get your first month free.
Enjoy !

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Declaimer: I was not paid to do this post I did it because I wanted to. Everything I said in this post are my opinions and not anyone else's.

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