I am really excited to be starting my first Christmas Series. This post will be the first of my #Samaras12daystillchristmas and each day I will put up different posts all pertaining to Christmas. So I wanted to start things off pretty simple with a Christmas tag. If you have not seen the one I did last year then you can click this link to take a look: 
2015 Christmas Tag
I think a Christmas tag is a great way to start things off cause I basically just say all the things I like to do for Christmas, favorite memories and so on. Now let's get this started.

1.) When do you put up your Christmas tree ?
We usually every year put up the Christmas tree either on Black Friday or the day after on that Saturday but this year due to me being out of town in Philadelphia and I am the main one that puts up the tree I had to put it up on Sunday and Monday, three days after Thanksgiving. We didn't have any lights so we had to go buy some on Monday and then finish putting up the tree.

2.) What are your Christmas plans this year ?
Well this year I do not have that much planned. I am trying to get tickets to go see the Nutcracker because I have always seen it played out on TV trough different television shows and movies but this year I really want to go see the performance in real life. I also want to go ice skating because I have never been ice skating before. Apparently it cost way more then regular roller skating where I live but it would be nice to try it for once.

3.) Have I ever had a White Christmas ?
Actually I have to say that I never had one before. I live on the south side of the United States so it doesn't really snow as much.

4.) Is my Christmas tree real or fake ?
It's fake. It's actually my grandparents tree so we have had it for quiet some time now. I always wanted to have a real tree just once cause I want to experience the smell of having an actual tree in our house but by having a fake tree we can reuse it over and over again.

5.) Where do I usually spend Christmas ?
I mostly go to my grandparents house because that just seems like the place where all of my grandma's kids and grandkids go.

6.) Can I name all of Santa's Reighdeer ?
Umm let me see .. there is Dancer, Prancer, Dasher, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donnor, Blixen and of course Rudolf. Those may be the names I am not to eternally sure, I'll listen to the song later.

7.) Do you have any holiday traditions ?We don't have many. My family doesn't really like to do most stuff but I think that is because there is so many of us that like to do our own different thing but when I get older and have a family of my own I will defiantly would want to figure out different traditions to do.

8.) Do I like giving or receiving gift better ?
That's hard because I would think that everyone loves to get gifts but I di like giving gifts too. Last year I got my mom and my aunt something that took me a while to save up for and when they got their gift it was all worth the long time of saving.

9.) What is your favorite holiday food ?
Umm, I'm not to sure. I like eating apple pie and ice cream even thought its not really a Christmas themed dessert but we usually have that for the holidays.

10. ) What do we do on Christmas Eve ?
Usually we cook food to eat for tomorrow and also we do some last minute wrapping up on presents because everyone moistly like to wait until the last minute.

Well that is it for my Christmas Tag. I hope you guys enjoyed and learned a few things about me and what I like to do for the holidays. Tell me down below what you like to do for Christmas as far as Christmas traditions or foods you like to eat for the holidays ?      

Until tomorrow,

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