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So I am back with another #samaras12daystillchirstmas post. I am going to keep it kind of simple for the next few days because while I'm doing this post I am also studying for exams. I have two more days until its all over and I can spend more time making these next Christmas posts really fun.

So here I have my favorite Christmas movies. Theses movies I have to watch every year because it doesn't feel like Christmas unless I do so.

First I have Mickey's Once and Twice upon a Christmas.
I love both of these movies because I watched them when I was really little and every time I watch them I feel like a kid again. It's really weird because I like the first one better but I think it's because of the animation. I get really picky when it comes to that but they both do have really cute stories that I just love to watch.

I'll be home for Christmas
Okay so I have just started watching this movie last year but I literally fell in love with it. I find it really funny because the situations that Jake crack me up, especially this scene when he ends up in a race with a bunch of other Santa's. This movie is really funny and really brings the whole meaning of having family for Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh

I literally remember when this movie came out. I was so excited to see it because I think at this time Drake and Josh the TV show had just ended and they made this movie shortly after I guess for a nice holiday treat. Now if you have watched Drake and Josh before you know that they get into all kinds of trouble so be expected to see some really weird things and to laugh your mouth off.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

The next few movies are surly Christmas Classics and of course you gotta watch Charlie Brown Christmas. All Charlie Brown special are super funny because something is always not going well for Charlie Brown but usually by the end things work out smoothly. In this special they end it on this scene when all the kid gather around the tree and sing Christmas carols. It's the cutest thing ever.

Grandma got run over by a Reindeer

My own grandmother hates when I watch this movie cause we would all say to here she better watch out so that she doesn't get run over by a reindeer lol. This movie really is funny and its like a mystery because Jake which is the little boy in the picture takes about a year to figure out what happen to his grandma. If you have not watched it then I suggest you do cause its really good.
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Polar Express
Okay now this is the classic movies of all classic movies. I don't know if that made since but this is the first movie that comes out every Christmas. What I like about this movie is that when I watch it I feel like I'm on the train as well. It truly is a magical movie and I really love watch it every year. Fun Fact: I watch Cartoon Network cause I like cartoons and they put on the Polar Express about two week until it was Halloween. I think they were ready for Christmas too :)

Now there are plenty of other movies that I like to watch but theses are my favorite. I really hoped you enjoyed this post and maybe got a few suggestions on some new Christmas movies to watch this year.

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