Hey you guys. So I know I have not been on here in forever and that is because I did not have a phone for awhile, then I just now ended my marching band season today and on top of that exams are approaching so it has been a hectic last couple of weeks.
I want to share pictures of a trip I want on with my marching band over Thanksgiving Break. We went to go perform in the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Parade which I did not get pictures of but if you saw just know that I was there.

I will put little caption under each pic of what it is and things like that. If you want to know more feel free to ask me any question. Now on to the post.

( We went on a bus tour and we passes by Betsy Ross's house. )


( These last two posts are China Town which was kind of small but extremely gorgeous. ) 

( I don't know what this is but I thought it was so cute that I just had to  take a picture of this. )

( So apparently this Is from the movie Rocky. I had never seen the movie but I liked the steps. )

( The next day we went on group tours and got to see different halls and historic houses. )

( I learned a lot about Benjamin Franklin they had many statues, and museums about him. )

Philadelphia was great and I was so glad I had a chance to go with my band. I was super upset when we had to leave but I will always have the memories.

Coming up I have a really cute outfit post, maybe even two along with a DIY. I also want to get a Exams post and some Christmas post in there as well. So now I have a bunch of inspiration to make new post. Let's just hope I have the time to spear, but as Christmas breaks cones along I will have plenty of time.

Until Next Time,


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