RUNDOWN // Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Jeans - Forever21 // Boots - Charlotte Russe // Purse - Gucci // Bangles - Forever21

Hey you guys,
So in my last post I said I would be really busy yesterday and sure enough I was so I never got a chance to post yesterday but later on down the week I might post twice to make up for the one
Now on to the post I just have here a nice winter outfit that you can wear to a dinner or if you just want to look nice while your going somewhere. Usually I would have a coat on but it was a little bit on the warmer side but it was still a little chilly t the same time so I just opted for a big sweater.

I really love oversized sweaters because I can wear them with jeans, leggings or even wear it as a dress and pair them with over the knee boots. This sweater is from Charlotte Russe and I just love the design of the small little holes and the two zippers on the side. Next I just paired the sweater with some black jeans from Forever21 to make the whole outfit looks a little dressy. I paired them with these botties from Charlotte Russe as well and let me tell you that theses are my most worn pair of shoes EVER. I was so glad when I bought these booties and if you ever come across a pair similar to these I suggest you buy them because you can pair them with almost anything. Since I had this black and white theme going I wanted to pair it with a purse with a bit of color so I got my red Gucci purse to really bring out the outfit. Lastly if you can see them, my sleeves were to long so they mostly covered the silver bangles I got from Forever21.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post. I have already got started on other posts that I will be uploading later this week and I can't wait for you guys to see them.

Until tomorrow,

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