Rundown // Hat - Gift Shop // Coat - Khol's // Sweater - Charlotte Russe // Pants - Ross // Booties - Charlotte Russe // Scarf - Walmart // Purse - Forever21

Hey you guys,
So this is my first post of the new year and it is literally photos from last year. Since I had my Christmas series I didn't have time to post some of the old photos that I have had in my camera. The next few posts will mostly be like that but then afterwards I might put up some valentines outfits and DIY'S up, which I really want to do because I have never done that type of posts before. I hope you guys don't mind but once I get some of the older pictures that I really want to post out of the way new seasonal posts will be on the way.
Now on to the outfit.

When I was wearing this I was in Pennsylvania so it was really cold there and I had to layer up quite a bit. First I will start off with my pink hat which I actually got from the hotel's gift shop that I was in. It kind of matches my outfit but then again it kind of doesn't but it was cold so I wore it anyways and plus it was the cutest thing I bought there so I had to wear it. Lol. Next I am wearing a long grey trench coat which I got from Khol's. Under it I am wearing a turtleneck sweater which I got from Charlotte Russe and wearing theses two together really kept me from freezing. Next I am wearing some brightly colored jeans from Ross which had a hole in them so I wore legging under them. Along with that I am wearing my favorite booties from Charlotte Russe. I am also wearing a blanket scarf which I got from Walmart a while back which is a must have for every type of wardrobe. Lastly I am carrying along with me my over the shoulder purse I got from Forever21.

That is all for this outfit. I really love posting kind of OOTD outfits because they really truly give me inspiration for putting together future outfits for the future.

Until Next Time,


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