Rundown// Sweater - Walmart // Dress - Ross // Tights - Walmart // Booties - Charlotte Russe

This look reminds me of a librarian. Maybe it's the sweater, who knows?

Hey you guys,
I am back today with another post. I have been all over the place with my posting schedule but that's mostly because of school. I am a senior in high school so I have been doing a lot of work and dealing with college applications. I will probably do a post later on next month about college and about being a senior in high school but until then my prom is next week so prom photos are on the way !!
Until then I hope you enjoy my OOTD.

First I am wearing this maroon sweater from Walmart. It's really big and cozy so I love to wear it for a nice dressy outfit or a plain casual outfit. Next I am wearing a patterned dress from Ross which for some reason reminded me of a peacock. Since it is still a little cold outside I opted to wear some tights from Walmart. Then I am wearing booties from Charlotte Russe. Lastly, I just have on my Michel Kors Purse.

I have many new post on the way and I am really excited to share them with you guys.

Until next time,

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