Hello you guys,
So today I am sharing my prom pictures !!! My prom was actually a week ago but due to everything now going on in my life I couldn't post it until today. #Seniorproblems
For theses photos I had my cousin take them because I didn't have enough for a real photographer because again being a senior in high school is really expensive. Other than that things pretty much worked out and this was definitely a night to remember.
So now let's get on to the outfit of the night.

First I got my jewelry and sash from a local beauty supply store because I was running on a budget. I went to regular department stores like Macy's but couldn't find anything that would suit my dress so when I went to my local beauty supply store I saw theses items for a really good price and it was hard for me to turn it down.
Next my shoes are from Dillard's. My shoes has to be the most blingafied ( I doubt this is a word but I am going to make it one her ) shoes I have ever worn.
Next I had a clutch that you might not see that well in theses photos but I had gotten it from DSW.
Lastly the dress is from a boutique called RSVP Prom and Pageant. I fell in love with this dress when I saw it because of how big and fluffy it was. I felt like a princess in it. I also loved the flowers on it and floral print just has to be my favorite print of all. I most definitely made a stamen walking into prom with this dress. Mission Accomplished!


Prom was great, I definitely danced the night away. The only downside was that I didn't have a date (which I did have one person in mind who didn't even end up going).
As the night went on I really enjoyed myself and even thought I didn't have a date I had so much fun and had the most memorable prom ever!

Tell me down below some of your stories from prom. I would love to hear all about them.

Until next time,


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