Rundown  // Jacket - Ross // T-shirt // Jeans - Ross // Booties - Charlotte Russe // Purse - Michel Kors

Hey you guys,
I am back with a short little outfit post today. A lot has been going on lately so sometimes when I go out I like  to take things easy and not get too dressed up.  Sometimes you got to wake up and say "It's a T-shirt kind of day". To be honest I just about say that all the time but hey what can you do.
Now onto the outfit...

First I am wearing an olive color jacket from Ross. I had about two other jacket very similar to the one I am wearing now but they have all shrunk so this by far as been the best one I have owned because it has yet to shrink. Next I have on a t-shirt that I actually got from my high school . Next I have on a nice bright pair of jeans with a big hole right on the knees which has to be my favorite trend thus far well if it is considered a trend. Then I have on my black booties from Charlotte Russe. It was a bit chilly this day so I opted for something that would cover most of my feet plus it really brought my look together. Lastly I have on my black Michel Kors purse .

I hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below if you like to dress up t-shirt in your looks. Whether they are t-shirt with slogans on them or t-shirt from various sports or activities I find them very comfortable and yet fashionable depending
on the accessories you choose.

Until next time,

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