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Hey you guys,
I am back with another blog post about Barbados. On my second day there we went on a charter bus tour all around the island which we then stopped at the beach for a picnic. Along the way we were able to get off and stretch our legs a bit. We stopped at a pier which is where the last four pictures above are at. It was really pretty. There were a lot of fisherman fishing for some seafood and a lot of roaming chickens and roasters in the area. I was quite confused as to how they were just out in the open when there was no farm around but I just learned to go with the flow.

After that we went back on the bus and drove around to see more of what Barbados has to offer until we stopped at the beach for our picnic. The beach was insanely beautiful with picnic tables to sit and eat at which was why we had stopped there. After we ate it was a little to chilly out to go swimming so I saw the lifeguard tower and decided to take some pictures there. To be honest I wasn't supposed to be up there but what beach administration doesn't know won't hurt them right. The lifeguard tower just really caught my attention and I thought it would be really great to post on Instagram or to even set as my wallpaper. I didn't get that many pictures of the beach but I will make sure to tag the location on my Instagram so you can see more.

Well that is all I have for this post. I still have a few more posts to put up about Barbados and let's just say that I have some amazing shots coming ahead.

Until next time,

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