Rundown // Dress - Old Navy // Jacket - Forever21 // Sandals - Shoe Depot // Necklace - Rue21

Hey you guys,
Wow so I think it's safe to say that back to school season is definitely in full effect unfortunately not for me because I will not start college until January which is one long complicated story which I might do separate post about later on. So right now I find myself with a bit of time on my hands which I will devote to my blog, social media outlets and maybe even get a job if I can find any openings in my area. Even though I have time to just sit at home and focus on myself  I do find myself in a rut because its hard sitting at home and watching my friends in college making other friends, going to parties, having classes and everything. Don't get me wrong I am happy that my friends are enjoying themselves but I guess I get a bad feeling knowing that I should be doing that to and that I want to experience what college is like right now. Unfortunately I do have to wait until January so for right now I just have to take advantage of my time and use it to network and live in the moment and so on. I also might post ways to get out of a rut because I think for me and others in my age group we can really find ourselves in one.

Ahh well that was a lot. I just thought I give maybe a little update since I didn't want this to be just an outfit post. I know on my blog that was kind of my niche was just OOTD posts but I really have been researching some ideas for some future blog post to publish along with my OOTD posts and also while speaking of OOTD let's just take a look back on my outfit above. This is definitely a prime example of how I pair my jean jacket with almost everything which includes black and white striped T-shirt dresses. fun fact, I actually got this dress two sizes up from my normal size. I usually opt for a large but I got a 1X because I wanted it to fit bigger and longer on me. I usually do that with most clothing because at some store certain fabrics are not the best and they tend to shrink but by this dress being from Old Navy I knew the shrinking would not be that much of an issue but I just wanted it to fit bigger on me. Next I paired it with kind of crystaly sandals which as I look at them now I really don't like. I think a pair of regular short, black gladiator sandals would have been better. Lastly I have on a small necklace which is kind of hard to see in the photos because it was behind me dress. Fashion blogger problems.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed my post as I continue to bring new content and new ideas to my blog to spice things up a bit.

Until Next Time,

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