Rundown // Jumper - Forever21 // Sandals - Khol's

What do you do when it's finally Autumn, still 80 degrees where you live and you have a few summer pieces you still want to wear ? You have a photo shoot !! Okay so I am not fully done with my summer wardrobe yet because yes it's still in the eighties where I live so I can't fully break out the scarves and boots so I am trying to wear all my favorite pieces before the cold weather begins. I do have to say that it does get chilly at night now so there's a start.

My outfit details are really short as to most of my outfit is the Jumpsuit. I found this jumpsuit from Forever21 around mid June when I was looking for clothes for Barbados. What stood out to me was the lilac color as to lilac is becoming my new favorite color to wear. Also another thing that stood out to me was the style/the way it was designed. I feel like you can wear it during the day for a nice playful look and then you can also wear it at night for a party or maybe even date night. Also it was twenty dollars so I feel like it was a definite steal. Lastly I have my tan gladiator sandals from Khol's. It was a little hard to try to find a shoe that would match the jumpsuit so I thought that theses sandals were ok but in the future I would probably pair it with a nice white sandal.

That is it for this post, I hope you guys enjoyed! I absolutely love doing photo shoots and sharing theses pictures with you guys as I go through this blogging journey. I Sometimes even look back at my old posts to see how far my style has come though each season, which right now I guess I am going through this summer into fall transition season.

Comment down below if you have started wearing your fall pieces or if your just holding onto your summer clothes a little bit longer.

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