Rundown // Top - Forever21 // Jeans - Ross // Slides - Local Shoe Boutique // Purse - Michel Kors 

Hey you guys,
I hope you all had a good Halloween. I acturally went trick or treating and got a pretty decent amount of candy which I finished litteraly the next day. So anyways, recently I went to my local Rita's to get some Italian ice but once I got there I found out it was closed for the season. It's pretty upseting because it's my favorite place to get Italian Ice, and if you have never tried then I suggest you do because it is so deliocious. So after my friend and I found out that it was closed we just took some pictures at one of the nearby diners. The area was really nice and reminded me of the ones that you would see on Tv so it was the perfect place for a photo otp.

Onto the outfit, first I am wearing a long sleeves hooded top from Forever21. What I really like about this top was that it has splits along the sides of the shirt which usually I don't like but since the top was a bit bigger on me it actrally looked well. Next I am wearing some plain old dark blue jeans from Ross. Then I have on my favorite slides from a local shoe boutique. Fun fact, theses slides acturally broke on me this past week so talk about another upsetting thing. Lastly I just have on my Michel Kors over the shoulder bag.

I hope you guys enjoyed my post. Comment below you favorite holiday sweet treat. Since Rita's is closed for the season it looks like I'm going to starbucks and try some of their holiday drinks.

Until Next Time,

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