Hello everyone,

So it's a new me for the new year right? For me I guess it's a studious new me for the new year. That's right I am now in college after a long gap semester. I am excited because now I have something to do. When I was at home I didn't do anything but sleep, eat and run little arrends here and there. Now after just attending a few of my classes I know that they are going to keep me busy. I am also ... I don't want to say depresses because that is not the word I want to use but it's somewhere along those lines because I am going to college as basically a back up plan. What I want to do in life dosn't nessaccially reqiure a collge degree. I see so many bloggers, YouTubers, and social media influencers have successful carrerrs without a college degree and I would like to do something along thoses lines but I also feel like I need that backup plan just in case. Now after college I will go full force into what I acturally want to do and have my degree there in case something fails.

With that being said I can't wait to experience the typical college experiece for the next two years as I will transfer to hopefully one of my dream schools in 2020. I didn't want to go there now because I thought it would be better to go to a smaller college that cost less to get my accosiates and then go to a bigger school with hopefully a scholarship as I have two years to get one. ( Just some life advice, I highly reccommend going to a smaller college first and then going to a bigger one once you can transfer.)

So that is my plan for the next two years. I will stay pretty mellow because I am in a small college town but when I transfer in 2020 I hope to be in a big city where the oppurtunities are endless. So throughtout my posts if you see me saying 2020 will be my year then you will know why. 
For the next two year I will just be focusing on myself, getting good grades and hopefully maintain my blog and Instagram.

New Year, New Me Right ?


Okay so now let's get into my major and college classes.

So right now I am majoring in communications because that is somewhere along the lines of what I want to do but mostly I choosed this major because I wanted it to be easy to transfer colleges later on.

So this semester I am taking five classes which include:

You know the same english you take in high school but just a little harder and more fast paced. So far it's not that bad.

Right now we are learning about the history of theatre which is interesting but since we just started its just a bunch of note taking.

My favorite class this semester. I always thought about having my own business so this class gives me a lot of background knowledge about the industry.

World History
What I hate about this is that I took AP World History my sophmore year of high school and took the exam and made a 2 .......................................................... ( Triggered )

I think it's good to know about what's in space but what I didn't know was there was a lot more to astronoy then I thought.

Well there you have it. My life kind of sort of for the next semester. Comment down below classes your taking or about your college experiences. Expect all my upcoming posts to be about college because I am still new at this so I want to document everything and give you guys my intake on the college experience.

Until Next Time,

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