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I haven't done a fashion post all year so I think every once in a while I will do a OOTD because since college started I have been bumming it lately but I do like to dress up every now and then just for fun.

 Now on to the rest of the post.

Rundown // Cardigan - Old Navy // Top - Old Navy // Jeans - Macy's // Booties - Charlotte Russe

I am still adjusting of trying to be a blogger on campus. I was very hard to find spots to take pictures and hard to find someone to take the pictures. Luckily one of my group project members was kind enough to take my pictures and as far as find locations to take pictures ... well we are still working on it as well as the camera quality. Still currently saving up for a new camera. Fingers crossed! Oh and in case you are wondering I am just standing in front of a random building on my campus. To me the building seemed like a sorority house but it's not.

Now to the outfit details first I have on a red top which if you look closely it has the velvet texture to it which has definitely been one of my favorite trends lately. I paired it with some blue jeans to ultimately brighten up the look because I probably would have paired it with black jeans. It was a bit chilly that day so I put on this kind of light white and blue striped cardigan from Old Navy. Lastly, I just have my beloved black booties which I love ever so much.


Well that is all I have for this post. Comment down below whether you like to dress up or bum down.

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