Hey you guys,
So yesterday I went to GoodWill to hunt for some new items. I have been meaning to buy some more clothes but clothes at lets say Forever21 will cost you $10 a shirt so I went to GoodWill because everything in the store is pretty much the same price. Also thrift shopping is the best kind of shopping. Firstly, there is usually not another item like one you may pick up so you can get one of a kind pieces. Secondly, well its cheap. Everything was around 5-6 dollars and there are even some name brand pieces in GoodWill if you look hard enough.
Believe it or not I actually picked up over fifteen items because well thats what I always do when I go to the store but I narrowed it down to five items. 

First I got a grey laced up top. What I really like about this is the grey, white and black pattern that it has in it. Also it is a very sturdy material which is exactly what I look for when shopping at GoodWill.

Next I just got a long sleeved navy blue shirt which is very loose and confortable which are chareteristicccs in clothes that I look for.

Then I got theses I want to say jean joggers which are acturally really confortable. I could make a really cool outfit with theses.

Next I got a GAP Pullover which I really have been needing. Plus I liked the colors in the hoodie so I just had to get this. 

Lastly, this skirt is acturally a very unique purchase. If you noticed this skirt does not fit me at all but I thought I could rearrage it and make it into a new skirt so stay tuned for that post.


Well that is it for this post. Comment down below if you go go thrift shopping and if you di tell me one of your favorite finds.

Until Next Time,

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