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Okay so this past January I started my first semester of college and now I am enduring finals week. I am not going to lie finals are super stressful has for some it's the last resort to bring up our grade. *That may or may not pertain to me. There's just this one class ... but I'm not going to get into that.*
So after all the finals I took in high school and the few that I have took in college I can up with some tips to help you survive those finals.

Visit your teachers during their office hours

I am sure every college professor has office hours and if yours does go to their office to ask them some questions you might have. Not only will you get some of your questions answered but by visiting them it shows initiative and they will remember that when I don't know when your hoping they will round that 79 up to an 80. 

Study Groups 

Organize a study group with some of the people in your class. Everybody understands things differently so if you all come together and discuss certain trouble topics in your studies then you all are bound to find the right answer. 

       Go to the Library 

If you are looking for a quiet place to study then try the Library. This past weekend I went to the library and spent about four hours in there just studying and getting work done. It was great because there was no noise or distractions or anything. 

Put the phone away and hit the books 

Along with distractions, get rid of all electronics and maybe even step away from your friends for a while. If I have my phone near me I am always tempted to go on it so I turn my phone off and keep it in my book bag. Along with that if I am not studying in a study group I usually study alone because people can distract you as well especially your best friends. Tell them you just need some time to study and you will call them later. 

          Go to tutoring sessions 

If your school has a tutoring service then check it out. It is ok to admit you need help and most tutors are usually friendly and are willing to work with you. Also usually theses tutors are previous students who already took the class so you can be a little more informal if teachers scare you. 

 Don't forget to celebrate. 

The picture above says it all.
Note: This waffle was too sweet and I only ate 1/4 of it.


Well that is all I have for this post.
Comment down below if you have finals coming up and what are your study plans and if  your already out of school then comment your whole studying for finals experience.

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