Hey you guys,
So I had planned to post a review today but on Sunday I needed to take pictures in this outfit and while I was doing so I thought why not turn this into a blog post giving you guys my tips on how to take photos by yourself.
Now just a little back story, I started college this semester and when I came to college I didn't and still do not have anyone to take my photos for me so I had to learn how to do them myself. It's hard but doable.
If you would like to know what tips I use then keep reading below. 

Know that people will look at you

Okay so if I am taking pictures by myself then I do so on the weekends because barely no one is on campus but there are a few people that usually stay behind. If you can see in the above picture there were two guys behind me laughing and snickering and in front of me, which you can't see but there was a person that stared at me for like ten seconds strait. People are going to look and stare but nine times out of ten you will probably never see them again ... well in my case being on a college campus I just probably won't recognize them again. Just be comfortable and do your thing because they are not the ones who are going to contribute to your success. 

Look for locations to prop your camera 

If you have a tripod then you can use that but if you don't like I do then look for places to prop your camera. As you can see in the above images I opted for door handles with a flat surface. I also used the ledge of a sign as well. There are plenty of other places where you can prop your camera like on the ground standing up, a stairwell or anyplace with a flat surface with a wall or door to keep your camera standing up.

Also speaking of cameras the timer is your best friend. I used the front facing camera on my IPhone 6s and set it to 10 seconds so I would have enough time to pose. The front facing camera is not the best but you have to do what you have to do. If you have an actual DSLR camera or something like that then utilize the timer option as well.


Also look for places that will give you a good background

Now when looking for places to prop your camera make sure that you background is what you like. The ledges that I put my phone off gave me some really nice backgrounds but sometimes we are not all that lucky. If you don't like the background of one spot then go find another. What I do is that I look for locations that looks best and then try to find a place to prop my camera and if there is not spot then I will use my DIY Tripod that I made with my selfie stick. Yes I still own a selfie stick but I don't use it for selfies but just to use as a tripod. 

Know that you  can edit your backgrounds 

I found some great locations like the one above but the lighting was terrible. If you are discourage by the amount of light that a location gives or not give off then know that you can edit your photos. My favorite apps I like to use is Afterlight and VSCO. Theses two apps do wonders I mean just look at the images above, the left are the original photos and the ones on the right are the edited ones.


Well that is all for this post. I hope you guys enjoyed and found this useful. Comment down below any of your blogging or social media tips so we can all help each other.

Until Next Time,

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