Hey everyone,
Today I am excited to share this post with you guys as I tried to recreate Pintrest Outfits!!!
Have you ever went on Pintrest and try to look for outfit inspiration but you had none of the items in your wardrobe? Well that was me all through high school. So I thought I am going to make the best effort to find some outfits to recreate. Now this was really really hard because I don't have a lot of clothing items but I tried my best.

To see the rest of my outfits keep reading below. 

Okay so here is the first outfit. This was pretty easy but the only big difference is that she has a leather jacket and Converse while I have on a Adidas jacket and Nike shoes. Yes I know I am wearing Adidas and Nike and they kind of contradict but oh well. I found a plain grey dress and added my dark red Guess bag. My bag is very different then hers as her bag was a pair of lips but again I tried.  

Now onto outfit number 2. There are some very big differences but I think I came pretty close. The biggest difference is that I am wearing a short sleeve shirt, black Nike shoes instead of black converses and I am holding a purse instead of a bag. 

Okay you guys this was my most hated outfit. It looked way better on her. I can't say there is much of a difference other then she has on shorts and mine are more Capri but still this went bad or maybe it's just me, I don't know. 

 Now this outfit was more spot on. Like I really nailed this look!
The only difference I can give is that I used a regular olive green jacket and not a olive green bomber jacket like she did but still this look was a success!

Now for my last outfit I thought this outfit would be fun to recreate because I actually had a yellow skirt. The skirt is way to small for me now so there is that. I feel like the concept is there like you can see I wanted to recreate her look but in my own way. I didn't have a longer jean jacket or see through boots so I opted for the only jean jacket I own at the moment and just some sparkly sandals. Overall her look is so much more better but I came pretty close.

I also tried to recreate this light bulb. Ummm, well I tried.


Well that is it for this post. Tell me what you guys think. Did I nail the looks or not?

Until Next Time,

( Disclaimer: The photos I got from pintrest are not mine and I am not trying to pass them off as my own. All credit goes to the owners. ) 

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