Hello everyone,
If the above picture looks weird and not like me well that is because it's actually from 2014. In today's post I am going to look back on some old photos of mine just to revisit my roots and for you guys can see where it all started.
The photos in this post were actually old blog posts of mine that I deleted it I still have the photos on my blogger camera roll so I thought I would show you all.

If you would like to see a bunch of cringe worthy photos and me regretting my fashion and camera skills then please keep reading lol.

November 2013

These are pictures from my first blog post I ever made. I think I called it happily never after which sounds weird now that I think about it.
I liked this outfit. I think it gave me personality I want to say but my poses were weird though.
( Notice the booty bump.)

December 2013

This is cringe and I cannot believe I am sharing this right now. Lets just say I don't wear red lipstick anymore lol.

January 2014

I remember this day. It was the first day back from break and I really wanted to wear this dress with theses boots. It was a good pairing at the time but now I look back it I'm like WHY?
I did get a lot of compliments though.

January 2014

Later that same month I was still wearing the same boots. Actually I wore them almost everyday. If only I can insert a face palm emoji. 

January 2014

............................................. alskdjfhg,.!@$$%

January 2014

It also snowed ?!?!?!?!
I sacrificed a lot to take theses photos.

( I'm still wearing the boots.)

February 2014

My mother bought me this dress to wear on valentines day and I thought I would have a Valentines but that didn't happen. I'm still waiting for one.

February or Maybe January 2014

I thought I was the bomb right here. Fun fact is that I still have this dress but I can't fit it anymore. 

Late February 2014

It started to get warmer and I put together this look. It was nice and to be honest I would definitely recreate this look. 

March 2014

Band was my life right about now so I thought why not do a post with my clarinet. This is not as cringy as the others and actually looks really good. 

March 2014

I was dying hot right here. 

??????????????? 2014

This was my mothers old dress that was hanging in my closet. It should have stayed there. 

April 2014

This was spring break and I remember getting my sister to take my pictures. She hated doing it  thus why they don't look as good. 

Oh and look at this gem. This was my old header and old blog name. I don't know why I choose Forever and classy but it didn't last long. I then proceeded to change my blog name twice. I'm a mess.


Thank you all for reading. It was really interesting to see all theses old photos and think back to my days in high school. Now that I am college I don't dress anywhere near this. Well ok maybe sometimes. Occasionally.

Comment down below some of your cringe worthy high school or even beginning blogger moments. No hate here I just would like to know that I am not along after exposing my I guess beginning roots in blogging lol.

Until Next Time,

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