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Okay so I have a very exciting post for you all today. My favorite social media platform is Instagram and with the five years I have been on Instagram I have picked up some tips and tricks on how to jazz it up or even to make it look more professional looking for all you bloggers, YouTubers and business owners out there.

                                 If you would like to know some of my tricks then keep reading below.

Profile Picture
(Above is my current profile picture )

First up is your profile picture. When I first started Instagram in 2013 my profile picture was just a bathroom selfie which looked good at the time. As I started getting more into my blog in 2014 I realized that I wanted to make my Instagram more business like and the first thing I needed to change was my profile picture. 
When taking your profile picture steer clear away from bad lighting, blurriness, selfies and over editing
You want your profile picture to be and show you. I suggest to have someone take a picture of you, outside preferably or you could do it inside if you have good lighting. You can edit your picture if you need to add some extra rightness but just don't over edit it to the point where it's to visible. Lastly wear something nice that resembles you and your style. 

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Instagram Biography

I find your Instagram Bio just as important as your profile picture. It's the first piece of information that people see about you and your brand. There are many ways you can go about this. What I do is that I point out some highlights I might want people to know or see.
My First line just tells people who I am and my location. Many people might not like to put their location as I was a little skeptical at first but I just put the major city I live near so if there is a brand hosting an event in my state and they are looking for bloggers or social media influencers they know that I am in the area.
Next I have my email so that people can get in contact with me whether it is a brand or another blogger who would like to collab. 
Then you can put other points in your bio. I put that I am a Community Member for CFashionista but you can put other things like if you are an ambassador for a company, or the college you go.
Lastly I just have "Check out my blog below" which directs people to click the link to my blog.
Speaking of link to my blog ........
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This has been a great help. One day I wanted to post a link in my bio to a feature in a magazine that I was in but I was not able to do so but I remember this website called linktr.ee where after you set it up it sends you to a page with all of the links you have displayed. This may sound weird but I will add a pic down below. 

As you can see when you get to my linktr.ee you can see the multiple links I have set up. It's a great way for people to get to your other websites or social medias without the hassle of them trying to look it up.

Right now I have the free version which lets me choose from four themes, where mines is black, and I think you can use up to quite a few links but the most I have seen a person had was about six. 

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Instagram Highlight Covers

This is for my Instagram Story Lovers out there. Have you even seen little small circles with pictures or words on them in the bio of your favorite blogger's Instagram and wondered how could I get that. I wondered the same thing as well. I finally learned how to do it but it can be quite complicated so bear with me. 
The app you will need that you may not have is Phonto which is free on the App Store. 
First go to Safari and look up a solid background color of your choice. For this example I choose the long blue color on the right.

Once you find the one you like just save it to your photos.
Next while in google images search for icons. 
For the example I have I looked up "camera transparent icons".
Once I found the one I like just save it to your photos. 
You can look for other icons as well like computers, clothing or whatever else. 

Now once you have all your icons go into Phonto and press the camera icon where you go to photo albums and choose the background color you choose. 
After that you click the bottom left button (it should look like three horizontal lines) and you will see a bar menu. 
Click on Add Image where you click on the icon you want to use.
Once you are done it should come up like this.

After that you can change the size which I recommend so it can fit reasonably as your highlight cover. I usually size it down to around 96 to 111.
Once you are done just save it to your camera roll. Then you keep doing that to all your icons. 
Once you have them all done you upload each one to your Instagram story and you can make it a highlight from there. 

That may have been a lot and kind of all over the place so feel free to ask me any questions. 

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Hashtags are a good way to gain more exposure for your photos. What I do is that first I write the caption to my photo. Then I make three dots to where under it I put all my hashtags
When putting hashtags put ones that are relevant to you and your post like for example if you are a teen blogger and you are displaying your OOTD your hashtags could be #teenblogger #OOTD #fashion and so on.

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Well that is all I have for this post! I really hoped you liked it because I put a lot of hard work into it. Comment down below any tricks you would like to share.

Until Next Time,Samara 

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