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I am super excited because I just finished packing for my trip to Orlando, Florida. Florida is like the only place we go because it's the closest to Georgia but that's ok because Florida has DisneyWorld which is the main reason why I am going so stay tuned for some posts about that.

Today I want to talk about what to put in your carry on bag. We're driving but I still consider this my carry-on bag because it's my basic essentials I can keep close to me.
So if you want to know what I think are good for packing in your carry-on then keep reading below.

Here's a quick little overview. It's a lot and I may be prone to over packing just a little bit. 

Hygiene items

Okay so I bring everything I think I might need when it comes to hygiene because you just never know. Things like body wash/soap, lotion, deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste and your must haves. I usually just bring what I have so I don't waste money buying the travel size but they are smaller and more convenient so it is whichever you prefer.
Don't forget extra little things like vaseline, chap stick, perfume, body spray and nail polish to keep your looking and feeling fresh. 

Makeup Items

I cannot go anywhere without my makeup and with that being said well I packed everything I had just about. Don't judge me.
When traveling with makeup I super highly recommend buying makeup bags to keep everything in. My big bag contains all my palettes while the medium bad as all my other makeup like lip glosses, eyeliners and mascaras.
I like to put theses in my carry on because when in a suitcase they might roll around and break but if you don't have any room at all and you have to put it in your suitcase then I suggest putting it in a plastic bag and put in in the middle of your suitcase surrounded by clothes.
I might have to do that if I am being honest here.

Hair items
The small pink bag has my hair items but I do not have to pack much since I have braids in my hair but if I didn't I would bring everything to complete my typical hair care routine after wash. That goes for shampoo and conditioner, curling gel, leave-in conditioner and whatever else.
Don't forget any irons, combs or brushes you might need. 


Lastly pack anything you might need for the ride or flight.
I am also packing/bringing with me a blanket, pillow and some snacks that I can keep on hand.

Also you can't forget about the electronics. Laptop, phone and all your chargers. Please don't forget your chargers. Please!

Well that is all I have for this post.
Comment down below your dream destination that you would like to go to.

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