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For today's post I am going to talk about SheaMouisture's Green Coconut & Activated Charcoal line.
I haven't used all of the products yet so for the ones that I did not use I will just talk about how to use it and my opinions about it.
To learn more about the line keep reading below. 

Shout out to my little sister for helping take theses pictures of me. She's ten but she's learning.
First I want to talk about the two products I was able to use which is the Moisturizing Jelly Cream and the Purifying & Hydrating Exfoliating Hair Mud.

I immediately went strait for the Jelly Cream for no reason actually. I don't know but with being apart of the SheaBassador program the moisturizers they have sent have been really refreshing. This Jelly Cream specifically smells really good and at first touch it is a little tacky/slimy in a jelly way. I literally was sitting on my bed applying this cream to my skin because I like the touch of this product.

Next we have the Exfoliating Hair Mud and oh my goodness if I thought the jelly cream was a nice product then the hair mud is the greatest thing ever. So as it says on the instructions you use this product as a shampoo while massaging it into your scalp. Then you rinse it out and proceed with the rest of your hair regime. I was only able to use a little on my hair due to my braids but so far I am loving this product. 

Now there are the two products I have not used yet which are the Cleansing Bar Soap and the Purifying and Hydrating In-Shower Mask.

The Cleansing Bar Soap does not have any directions on it because it is more self explanatory as you just use it to wash up in the shower or in the bath. It is infused with of course Green coconut and charcoal with added lemon balm and white tea. Talk about nourishing. This product seems all natural with really good ingredients to hydrate your skin.

Then we have the In-Shower Mask which you apply to your face after you take a shower. Then you wait five minutes and then you rinse with warm water. This seems like a good product especially if you are into face masks so I cannot wait to try this out. 

Well that is all I have for this post. Comment down below some of your favorite skincare products because I would love to get some recommendations for new products.

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