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I am just going to be honest with you guys, I have been wanting to do a photo shoot in a laundry mat for a few years now. When I took these picture I actually took them in the laundry room on my dorm hall floor and not an actual laundry mat but the pictures still came out pretty good.

So I was just going to keep this a regular post, just showcasing my outfit and such, but I thought I would add some of my clothing tips and tricks and tell you guys where I find the best deals for new clothes and how to preserve them.

If you would like to know more than please keep reading down below.

Good places to shop

Okay so clothes can get quite pricey, especially if you are a fashion blogger, so I have found ways to get more bang for my buck.

Discount Stores: Places like Ross, Marshall's and TJMaxx are the best discount stores on the planet! In these stores they I believe take in clothes that didn't sell well in big stores and once a place like Ross gets them they mark it down so that it will sell. So you will be surprised what you will see in there. Sometimes if you are lucky you may even find designer brands.

Thrift Stores: Thrifting nearly changed my life. Sometimes I am low on funds but I may need a jacket or a long sleeved shirt for the winter. When this happens I head to my local thrift store and search for items that best suit me. Thrift store are also really big sometimes so you are bound to find something. 

What to look at when you shop

Have you ever bought something on impulse just because it looked cute but don't end up wearing it a month later? Yeah that is me right there. Thought my experience of shopping I learned some things to look at and consider when buy a piece of clothing.

Size: Look at the size and then look at the fit and material. Sometimes a piece of fabric may not stretch of may be a bit too snug. I always say go a size up that way it can fit loose just in case it might be snug or if the item shrinks in the wash you can still be able to wear it.

Look for holes: This is self explanatory but look at the garment you have to see if there are any holes. If there is one or a few that are too big than I suggest not buying it but if there are tiny holes or even a stain you can try to point them out to an employee or manger and see if they will mark it down. Do not do this intentionally. I remember I was going to buy a cup and right when I was paying for it I noticed the lid was broken. I pointed it out to the employee and they gave me a discount on it but that was through luck, never do this on purpose. They will know. 

Getting the most out of your clothes

I don't know about you guys but I want my clothes to last a long time so I don't have to go out and buy new ones all the time. With that being said I learned that you really have to take care of your clothes than just wash and dry them.

Know what clothes to put in the dryer and what clothes to air dry
: Clothing items like jeans, t-shirts, blouses do not go in the dryer. You can put them in the dryer but they might shrink or fade. It's best to air dry them that way they can keep their color and shape.

Cleaners: If you have a nice jacket, dress, or slack don't be afraid to take them to the cleaners so they can get professionally cleaned. 

Rundown// Top- Ross // Jeans- Macy's // Jacket - Marshall's // Sneakers- Converse //

Well that is all I have for this post. Comment down below some of your clothing tricks you might know or have.

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