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So today I am doing a post that I have been wanting to do for a long time coming and that is post my makeup collection. I have posted bits and pieces of what I have whether it was palette reviews or my favorite makeup products at the moment but never did one full post of everything I have.

Just a little disclaimer, I am not trying to brag in anyway I just want to show you all some of the products that I have been currently loving. If you would like to see then please keep reading below.

Rundown:// TooFace Choclate Bar Palette // Carli Bybel Palette by BHCosmetics // Prism Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills // The Jaclyn Hill Palette by Morphe // Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay // Hard Candy Palette from Walmart // 24 color Palette from my local beauty supply store

I want to say when it comes to beauty I am known for my eye looks because I like to play with colors and switch it up a bit. I just started doing this recently so with that being said The Jaclyn Hill Palette or the Prism Palette gives me a chance to venture and try new looks. When I first started getting into makeup I would stay with the neutral colors of golds, browns, and maroon so you best believe that the Naked 2 Palette and the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette were my go to's.
I still have a long list of palletes that I want to try out but for now I am pretty set with the ones I have.



I have been through so many mascaras that it's crazy. My favorite mascaras have to be anyone from Maybelline because they are just amazing. I haven't bought one recently because makeup is expensive but I do have some others that I like. My favorite right now is this dual sided mascara from Popsugar which gives you a lot of volume and plus its dual sided so there is a wand for the top lashes and one for the bottom. As far as my other mascaras they are just ones that I have bought from the dollar store or the clearance rack at Walmart. Yes they are cheap but hey it gets the job done.


I am going to be honest guys I will just buy any eyeliner as long as it works. I tend to stick more with liquid liner because it's easier to put on top of my eyeshadow. Pencil liners were my worst nightmare in middle school but good thing I discovered liquid liners. My current favorite liquid liners would have to be eyeliners from elf because they are super affordable and are really good quality. I usually stick with black liner because it will go with any eyeshadow combo but I really want to try to use different color eyeliners as well. Right now I have a blue eyeliner from Elf but I also want to try purple, yellow, red and pretty much the entire rainbow.

Brow Products 

When it comes to my brows I usually just use a flat brush and black eyeshadow and it works fine for me. There are times where I feel like they look to chalk due to the eyeshadow some I have two brow products which is this brow pencil that I got from my local beauty supply store and a brow brush that I got from my dollar store. I defineitly want to get a brow pomade to make my brows look more natural but right now I am just focusing on trying to grow my brows out so that they can get a bit thicker. 

Lip products

Lips products are hard for me to get because a lot of colors do not work on my skin tone. It pretty sad when I can't wear lipstick or liquid lip stick but hopefully soon I will find a brand that works well with my skin tone. With that being said I still use glosses to give me a little extra shine. I have this gloss from Popsugar that gives off that galaxy look which is fun to use every once in a while.

This is hard because I don't know where many of my brushes are from. I think I bought two sets of brushes from Forever21 and just collected brushes that come with palettes. Other tools I have include tweezers, nail clippers, and a razor for my nails and brow.


I don't wear a lot of foundations but when I do I usually go back and forth between these two because they come closest to my skin shade.


I haven't bought any highlighters by themselves but I was able to get four of them in the Carli Bybel Palette plus sometimes I will use my more shimmery eyeshadow and use them and highlights as well.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ 

Well that is all I have for this post. I just wanted to point out that when I do my makeup that I usually just do my eyes which is why I lack in other face makeup products like blush, bronzer and powder but I found out that you can easily use different eye shadows to replicate blush and bronzer. As for powder I just need to buy some as well as a setting spray and maybe some new brushes. Some please let me know if Sephora has some good sales.

Comment down below your favorite beauty products.

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