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Hello everyone.
This past Sunday I watched The New York Times: Get With the Times Reshaping Beauty Standards featuring Ashley Graham. Get With The Times is The New York Time's live event series for college students where they talk about issues that many students face today. For this episode the had author, pod-caster, supermodel Ashley Graham who came on to talk business, beauty standards and so much more.

I was very interested in this live stream because first it's for college students so I felt like in was made especially for me, my friends and other fellow college students all over but also Ashley Graham is such a huge inspiration who really makes her voice heard. 

Before I get into some of the notes I took from the live stream I just want to say thank you to The New York Times and Her Campus for gifting me this bag by The New York Times. The bag was really big so I opted to carry it around instead of my book bag and then had a photo shoot later on that day. I really like the quality in these photos and I felt like the bag just went perfectly with my outfit. 

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Photo from The New York Times: Get With The Times Live Series Event featuring Ashley Graham on YouTube.

Now onto the Live event, usually for Get With The Times they live stream it from a different college campus each stream and for this stream it was at The New School in NYC which I thought was really cool because I love that school.
Anyways, the stream was divided into two parts which in the beginning Joanna Nikas, The New York Times's Fashion & Style Editor talked with Ashley a little bit so we can hear her story, her beginnings and how she made it into the fashion, beauty and media industries. Just a little recap of her story she talked about how she moved to New York at 17 and only had one year to really make it or she had to go back home and go to college. She was able to get an agent and book jobs but she talked about the struggles that also came along with being a bigger sized girl in the modeling industry and how some people wanted her to lose weight which this particular problem has gone in in the modeling industry for a while now but to me personally I think it is expanding and is showing people from all walks of life.

After Ashley talked about he beginnings of how she got into the modeling industry she gave A LOT of advice about how we can do better, achieve the things we want to do in life and be successful. She talked about her lingerie line and how she really had to pitch the idea to companies and see if they wanted to embark on the project. The advice that I got from this was to go out and do what we want to accomplish and to not wait for other people to tell us to do so. This inspired me heavily because I have many goals that I want to achieve but if I want to achieve those goals then I have to go out there and actually try them and make some progress. Every plan/goal always starts with a step one.  

The questions portion I really enjoyed. For this part of the live stream college students from the live audience and some who even sent in questions thought video were able to ask Ashley a question about her take on the different industries or question about her life as well.

There was one particular question that I remembered which was "What are ways that we consumers can encourage body representation in the media?"

Ashley's response was along the lines of how we can encourage body representation in the comments on social media. Say what we like and dislike because brands do read are comments to get feedback.

There were other great questions as well so I highly recommend that you give it a watch.
Here is the link to watch it through YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZudLf60_0s

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Well that is all I have for today. I hope you really enjoyed this post and live stream, if you watched it, because I gather so much advice and inspiration that can really help me in the on going months.
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