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In early May I started planning an impromptu trip to go to Connecticut and visit my family and have some fun this summer. Last minute plans usually don't go according to plan for me but this trip has been one of the best trips I have ever been on. 
I was out of town from June 15 to the 23rd and with an entire week in Connecticut I was worried that I would find myself getting bored because I've heard there wasn't much to do in Connecticut but there is plenty to do, it just depends on what you make of your time.

Some of the days I spent up north were nice and chill so for this post I will highlight some of my favorite moments.
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I got to Connecticut on Saturday and settled in and chatted with my family the rest of that day and Sunday as well. On Monday and Tuesday I went to a few stores and the movies whereWednesday was where I was able to do a little sightseeing.


I was able to go to Downtown Hartford which is very beautiful. Hartford is definitely smaller than Atlanta but it has its charm. One of my favorite building was the gold building pictured above which is very aesthetically pleasing. I don't know what company owns this building but the outside is just gorgeous. 

The streets in Hartford were not that bad so I was able to take a few OOTD pictures without anyone passing through.

Later that day I went to Cirque Du Soleil which was an amazing performance. I haven't been to a circus since I was five or six so this was definitely a treat.


Thursday morning my family and I went to the local library in town and I wandered off to take a few pictures.

Around nightfall I went to The Sugar Factory for the first time where my dad and I got the food below. Their food was really good and their shakes were amazing! 

Saturday was Her Conference day and I was beyond excited for this event. Last year I really wanted to go but I thought it was impossible. I soon realized that it wasn't impossible, I just needed a plan. Since I was staying in Connecticut I could drive to New York and I worked a lot before school ended so I had money saved aside just in case.
My plan went well because I made it to the my first Her Conference!

Before getting into more details about the conference we have to talk about the fit. I had to step up my game a little and try something new. I bought this button down maxi dress from H&M and paired it with a mustard yellow blazer from Ross. I thought the blazer was a nice touch for a more professional look and the fact that it's yellow makes it stand out. Lastly I have some heels from Rack Room Shoes which is a discount show store. Fun fact: Theses shoes were on sale for $20 but I got them for $12!

Her Conference was/is a great event for many college women. There were keynotes and panels which talked about us as women empowering each other so we can make it out in this world. My favorite part were the panels as we were able to attend any panel of our choosing for each panel block period. I choose a panel about social media and government, PR and marketing and one about side hustles because they interested me the most. I took tons of notes because there was a lot of valuable information I could use later on in life.

As for the keynotes, each keynote was a large discussions about topics each guest was passionate about. I only attended two out of the four with the first being ,Olympic Gold medalist Michelle Carter and the second actress Jessica Marie Garcia from popular shows of Liv & Maddie and On My Block. I really enjoyed both keynotes because they both talked a lot about being confident and going after your dreams even when they seemed impossible.

Her Conference gave me the nudge I needed to keep pursing my dreams. Seeing all these other women be in my position that I am in now of being confused with what they want in life to come out and be successful has truly been inspiring. Plus I met so many girls that have the same mindset as me, so I truly felt that my true self shined throughout.

Once the conference was over the plan was to go back to Connecticut but I was not going to leave before taking little tour of Manhattan. My grandfather met up with me and we walked up 42nd street and it was the busiest street I have even walked. It was nice to see the lights, billboards and street performers. Hopefully next year I will have more time to enjoy all New York and Connecticut has to offer.

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