I’ve been into photography since I started my fashion blog and I love it. Being able to capture and create moments is truly magical and I want to share them with the world. Lately I’ve been wanting to get more involved with photography by taking different styles of pictures and learning more about my craft but never could with school so I had to schedule some time during the week and devote it towards a photoshoot session. Once I did me and one of my friends who modeled down below found spots around our campus to shoot at and then captured what looked best. We didn’t have a concept for our pictures as we were just working with our cameras and finding the best angles but we did pretty good. I shoot with the Canon Rebel T3i which is deemed a beginner’s camera but I really like it because it’s easy to manage and the quality is amazing!

Model One 

The first model and I wanted to get some basic shots of her outfit and the scenery in the background. Since we were restricted to our campus we could not go anywhere better suited for her outfit but we found some spot near a table and brick wall that worked well. Here are a few of the photos down below.

Model Two

For the second model we based our various photoshoot locations off of the color of her shirt. Since it had a nice salmon color to it we opted to shoot in a pile of leaves and in a seating area surrounded by brink walls as the color of the brick went well with the color of her shirt. 

In all I really didn't know what I wanted to shoot going in but the outcome was still great overall. 

In effort to share my photos and reach more of an audience I made an Instagram page called TheCandidMara to display my work. I always wanted to make my own photography page so now that I have created it hopefully it can inspire me to develop more concepts to capture the world. 


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