In high school I was obsessed with dorm room tours because I saw people making their room theme from scratch. I couldn't wait to do this as well because my room at home already had a set theme to it so when I got to college I knew I could decorate it however I wanted. With that being said this is my third year doing a room tour and I really wanted to change up my look quite a bit. My room last year  had much more of a preppy vibe to it with the tassel decorations and the color scheme so this year I kept my room more neutral and Pinterest inspired. 

At first glance my room might seem rather small, to which it's smaller than my room last year, but  once you are in the room and look at it long wise you will see that there is more than enough room. 

My closet is exactly the same as it was last year from the outside. The inside is the same as well but I set it up differently because I seem to have way more stuff to store inside. Anyone else ever have this problem to where you have seem to have brought more things than you did last year ? It happens to me every year and I don't buy much.

Onto my bed I just love  how my bed is set up. I wanted my colors to be white, black and grey for it so I kept the same comforter as last year, bought grey sheets and hung up this beautiful tapestry from Five and Below. Then on the top I just draped a fake, green vine for added effect. The bed kind of reminisces a cloud and I would essentially be floating on it as I travel the world if that make sense. 

Under my bed is just my storage area where I keep my bins and drawers. This year I draped a black fabric to act as a bed skirt so it does not show any of the storage underneath my bed. 

I like to call this my entertainment area as this is where I would come and sit down to watch TV. With the same idea as last year I set up my TV on top of my storage bin to act as a TV stand and on the other side I placed my chair to sit in. I made an effort to decorate my chair more according to the theme of the room so I found a white throw blanket from the dollar store and a grey throw pillow from Walmart and placed them on the chair. It also adds a level of coziness as well.
As for wall decoration I really wanted to do the Pintrest inspired leaf wall design so I found fake green leaf decorations on Amazon and hung them on the wall vertically to add more life and a nice vibe to the room. 

With the way my room was set up I had a nice little space in front of by bed to put my desk. I soon realized after wards that I can make this into my own office space. So with that I decorated my desk to my liking by placing marble counter top paper and putting my desired items on top. The counter top paper really adds more definition to the desk and room overall .Then I put up sheer curtains for the aesthetic. I always wanted curtain in my dorm room but I wanted to be light and airy to go with the room theme so sheer was the best way to go. Then I placed my black mirror and hung up two items, one which is just my canvas and says Tres Chic and the other frame that I spray painted matte black that way I can write on it with chalk. 
Now with all of the combined elements I find it that it does resemble an office. I like to use this space to plan and write blog posts, do homework, make lists and so on. 

This year has to be my favorite year as far as me decorating my room. The color palette is very neutral and more grown up and I get really inspired to work once I am in this space.
I will still be decorating my room as I am always look for way to improve the room so maybe I will change it up in time for Christmas or even spring semester, who knows. 


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