The day that I am posting this will be on New Year's Eve and usually before this day a lot of people will have already come up with their own New Year's resolutions. What is a New Year's resolution exactly? I'm looking up a textbook definition for this. According to, a New Year's resolution is "a promise to do something differently in the new year." Going off my experience and listening to friends and family around me the things we all want to do vary for each person. The most common ones I hear every year are losing weight, saving money, travel more, get good grades, be nicer, and surprisingly to start a company. Now as I hear these different resolutions from people I never bash them for there's simply because people make promises that they want to partake to better their lives and I feel that they have every right to do so. I make resolutions every year to a make sure the new year is better than the last for what I can control. I soon have figured out once writing them down that I make a lot of goals and not so much resolutions. Let's take a look. 

Here were a few of my goals and New Year's Resolutions for 2019:
Go to New York for the InfluenceHer Conference 
Lose weight
Reach 5, 000 followers on Instagram // Grow my social media presence on all platforms
Go to a wrestling show
Start my photography account 
Buy some essential oils

I only listed six above. I did have a few others that were more personal and I did not want to list but overall these were the main ones. Out of all of them I accomplished four with Going to New York, going to a wrestling show, starting my photography account, and yes even buying essential oils. It's funny because as I look at them, when trying to achieve that goal I just went for it. When the wrestling show came to my town I bought two tickets and figured I would work out the details later. Starting my photography account did require some planning but I just went and posted the pictures and stopped stressing about it. That's what I like about goals as at least for me if I want to accomplish it I have to go in and not worry about the details. Soon I will have to because I am a Virgo and planning all the little things matter to me but I have learned to relax and let everything work into place. 
Resolutions are another thing. Resolutions are something you have to work towards to achieve. You can work towards a goal but resolutions seem to take at least a few weeks depending on your work ethic. Mine were to lose weight and reach 5000 followers on Instagram. Losing weight varied as I did but didn't lose my set goal amount and I grew my social media presence a little but not that much. As I look back I realized that I was not consistent, motivated, organized but most importantly I wanted to achieve these for all the wrong reasons at the wrong time. Losing weight has been on my list since forever but starting it in the new year, at the start of a semester, when I'm getting used to a new schedule might not be the best idea. Then with growing my following I just have to do my research and not get frustrated as I did this year. I just have to stay consistent, and put out who I am and what I want my brand to be and if someone want to follow my journey then that will be amazing! 

Also timing and time management helps too. I was super motivated in January because I was like it's 2019, a new year, but as soon as March hit everything went downhill as life got in the way and my resolutions went on the back burner. Motivation also flies right out the window and keeping our resolutions can get hard. I think this is what happens to a lot of people and it happens to me all the time.

This is what I'm doing this year. I am going to minimize my New Year's Resolutions. Instead of saying losing my goal weight how about first I say cut out junk food I really don't need like cookies and candy and only indulge every once in a while for a treat. Then after that go bigger. Like then I can say I want to go to the gym for twice a week once I have settled in back at school. Then instead of saying I want to reach 5000 followers on Instagram how about I say I want to produce better content. Numbers don't matter anyway but I do want to put out content that I love and reach out to others and so on. This is basically taking your big goal/resolution and breaking it down into smaller parts to achieve those that will eventually lead up to the biggest one. I think this will be better for me because I get frustrated when I think I am not achieving my resolution but if I start really small and work on one thing then I will sure to achieve something. 
I got this idea from social media. I'm pretty sure many people have said to break your goals and/or resolutions down and work on little mini goals but I never listen. This year I feel like instead of working on my goals I need to work on my work ethic. Once that in intact I can really get some things done.

Also I am going to make more goals as I achieve my goals more. One of them is that I want to go to an art museum this year and honestly I'm just going to buy the ticket and go by myself if I have to. Hopefully I can have a more relaxed attitude and not over think everything as it will fall into place if it's meant to be. 

Well that was my riff about New Year's resolutions. Regardless of resolutions I am excited to start not only a new year but a whole decade. I'm taking some really interesting courses and have a few trips in mind in 2020. 

I hope you all have an amazing year and here is to 2020! 


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