Hello and welcome to Samaraxmara

My name is Samara and I am a twenty-one year old lifestyle blogger and college student. I am currently studying Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in sociology. I have roughly two years before I graduate so I am really excited about that. On my spare time I like to decorate, cook, have photoshoots and blog. 

My blog is one of my biggest accomplishments as I started it around my freshmen year of high school because I always loved fashion magazines, blogs and I wanted to write my own articles thus my blog was born.

On my blog I plan to write about fashion, college and lifestyle posts which is both fun and engaging for you all. Be sure to follow my blog on the home page or follow ant of my social media handles down below so that you never miss a beat! 

Email: maraavenue@gmail.com
Instagram: Samara.marsha 
Twitter: Samara.marsha
Pintrest: Samara.marsha

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